How to Use Wool Liners In Your Packout

About Wool

Wool, as a natural insulating material, performs extremely well when utilised in cool-chain packaging. Wool is hydroscopic in nature, and therefore absorbs excess moisture, supports structural integrity of the package, and provides mechanical cushioning during the journey. The Wool Liner is compostable, so can be added to your compost bin or your garden in disposal. As the wool fibres are closely woven, there is better capture of air inside the carton. Wool Liners made using wool offcuts and repurpose what would otherwise be a waste product.

Here at Thermogard, we have two Wool Liner options – one with a compostable film, and one with a soft plastics film. Both Wool Liners perform the same but are disposed of in a different way, due to the plastic. Read more about how to dispose of your wool here.

Adding Wool Liners to Your Packout

Packing wool liners correctly can be confusing so we have explained this in our ‘how to’ video. It is important the liners are packed correctly to ensure the airspace is tightly sealed, and allows minimal cold air to escape, this will ensure optimal performance.

View Our Wool Range

If you are interested in viewing our Wool Liner range, please click the links below. If you have any further questions about how using Wool in your pack-out can improve your cool-chain performance, get in touch with us today!

Australian Wool Liner Range

New Zealand Wool Liner Range

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