How To Pack & Test Your Product for Cool Chain


Shipping of your product, whether locally, nationally or globally, has the potential to expand your sales and customer base exponentially, but can be difficult if your product is temperature sensitive. To be successful in cool chain shipping, you need testing to ensure your product can withstand travel. Additionally, correct testing data is crucial to meet courier requirements and customer expectations, as your product must be in immaculate condition and safe to consume on arrival. Thermogard has outlined how to pack and test your carton with your chosen cool chain packaging and goods below, to help you achieve the most efficient temperature control and accurate results.

Please note, your pack-out and testing methods may vary depending on your product, time and distance of travel so these instructions should only be used as a guideline. If you have any further queries, please get in touch with our testing experts today.

Tips & Recommendations

  • If you get a consistent pass for 3 tests, with your product at the necessary temperature for time required, you can be confident in your pack-out performance
  • We recommend testing the pack-out in Cold/Mild/Hot External conditions
  • We recommend confirming delivery times for the area/s your product will be sent to, then base your requirements off a working day (if the end-consumer wasn’t home till 5:30pm, how long would the box be left on the porch) to ensure you have tested based on worst case scenario

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