Benefits of Segmented Gel Ice Packs

Adding coolants to your pack-out extends the performance of your cold-chain packaging and will keep your product fresher for longer. However, what is less known is the benefits of segmented gel ice packs, adding different configurations to your pack-out comes with numerous advantages including better thermal transition, lightweight and spacious packaging, and gel packs that match your carton size.
Regardless of your application, whether you are needing gel ice packs that completely encase your product, or gel ice packs that won’t damage your product, Thermogard Segmented Gel Ice Packs are a great product to achieve this.
Better Thermal Transition
It is well-known that when a gel brick is frozen the gel becomes a solid block. In contrast, the segmented gel ice packs being a sheet of gel segments makes them flexible and easy to pack into a box. This allows the gel pack to be manipulated or shaped around a particular product to provide an more efficient cooling effect and provides balanced cooling within the package.
Lightweight, Space Optimised Package
A segmented gel ice pack uses the same amount of gel as a standard one cell gel pack, but as it is distributed across multiple cells, it has a greater surface area. This means segmented gel ice packs distributes the weight equally over the length of your box. This in turn, results in space and cost saved for your business.
Configurations for Your Carton
Thermogard offers a 3 cell, 6 cell, 9 cell and 12 cell configurations in a variety of gel quantities. This flexibility allows you to match your gel ice pack to the footprint of your cartons, and ensure an equal spread of temperature, no matter what the size.
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