Benefits of Gusseting Your Foil Pouch

Immaculate presentation of product is crucial to establishing a strong brand reputation with your consumers, and to ensure consumers continue to order and enjoy your shipments. This can be difficult to achieve using cool-chain packaging, it is typically bulky and consists of multiple elements.

For instance, a popular insulation is the Envirofoil pouch, a simple bubble foil pouch which provides insulation for your product. However, when product is lying in a pouch is likely to move and when opened by the consumer, it can look jumbled and unorganised. To ensure your product is remains well-presented when packed in a Envirofoil pouch, we recommend gusseting your pouch.

What is Gusseting?

To ‘gusset’ a pouch is way to describe folding and shaping your insulation pouch to match the square base of your chosen box. If done successfully, your pouch will essentially line the base and sides of your carton and still seal shut on top, with the adhesive strip.

How to Gusset an Envirofoil Pouch?

When gusseting your Envirofoil Pouch, it is first crucial to match the size of your pouch to the relevant size of your carton. To allow for the gusset, the length of the foil pouch must be greater than your height of your box, giving it sufficient material to create a square shape. The length of the pouch should accommodate for the gusset and still be able to be sealed on top of the contents.

See below infographic on how to gusset your pouch:


Benefits of Gusseting Your Pouch

Maximises Available Space in Carton

Creating a gusset allows the insulation pouch to fit snug up against all sides of the carton. This will improve your product to package ratio – compared to if the pouch was used laying flat. Gusseting is a simple and easy way to fit more product in your pouch while creating a better unboxing experience for your customers when the shipment arrives.

Product Remains Upright in Transit

When the pouch is gusseted, it means the product can be packed and travel in an upright position. This not only looks better for the consumer, but also means the risk of breakage, leaks or the product moving around is minimised during transit.

Allows for Better Presentation

Like mentioned, a gusseted pouch allows for product to stand upright or be stacked flat, which in turn lends itself to better and more aesthetic product presentation upon arrival. Instead of receiving product that is on its side, product will be sitting upright and in the desired position, helping form a positive reputation of your brand with your customer.

Can Be Achieved with Your Current Envirofoil Size

By gusseting your pouch, you can adapt much larger pouches to whatever size box you have. When the Envirofoil pouch is still left with a long flap after gusseting, this flap can simply be tucked down the side when sealing. This means you can consolidate your orders down to one or two pouch sizes, instead of having to order an array of sizes for each pack-out.

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